6 Hours

12AM is for the girl
cowering beneath her covers
safely hidden from the world.

1AM is for the restless insomniac
who tosses to and fro
to the incessant beat
of the universal clock.

2AM is for the amateur astronomer
who gazes up at stars and galaxies
planets and comets
none of which will ever be hers.

3AM is for the fatigued adventurer
who soars through the night sky
past the weeping moon
beneath its silver tears.

4AM is for the heartbroken poet
who sheds tears of blood and gold
that transform into twenty six dancing symbols
as they hit unmarked parchment.

5AM is for the wild dreamer
who closes her eyes against the light of daybreak
and instead of darkness
sees a universe before her.

6AM is for the girl
emerging from her covers
ready to face the world.


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