Sand and Sieve

I remember the sound of my heart
the way it crashed against my eardrums with the ferocity of a thousand tidal waves
as it had never done before.
I remember the towering building
the way it spired up, up, into the clouds
a castle straight out of Cinderella to my five-year-old eyes.
I remember Momma’s hand
the way I clung on to it
my Ark in the endless sea.
I remember the pale woman
the way she smiled with all the kindness in the world
a mother in this strange, seaborne castle.
I remember the laughing children
the way their eyes gleamed with the promise of
a thousand futures, a thousand universes.
I remember releasing Momma’s hand
the way I let her fingers slip through mine
like sand through a sieve.

Perhaps I told myself
“It’s gonna be okay.”
Perhaps I told myself
My old life was ending
Yet another was just beginning
Perhaps I told myself
This was the beginning of another great adventure
Yet I couldn’t help but feel
As if I was losing a part of me,
Feeling Momma’s fingers slip through mine
Like sand through a sieve.


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